Welcome to the Ottawa Judo Club!

We are a recreational and competitive club located in the National Capital Region of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Our programs and resources are featured on this Web site. Whether you visit us on the Web or in person at our Dojo (Japanese for "school for studying the way"), please feel free to browse, and let us know if you require assistance or have any questions.

At the Ottawa Judo Club, we take pride in offering only the highest-quality instruction in a safe and friendly environment for Judoka (Japanese for "practitioners of Judo").

Belt Grading -- Saturday May 3rd 2014

The Ottawa Judo Club will be holding our first grading of 2014 on Saturday, May 3rd at 10:30am.   If you were graded at the last grading, you will not be eligible to grade at this time.

All competitors preparing for Nationals will not be graded until after the tournament, if they eligible.  There will be a competitive class from 9:00am to 10:30am on May 3rd in preparation for Nationals.

The grading will be divided into two groups; one starting at 10:30am and another at 11:30am.   The schedule will be e-mailed out a few days prior to the grading.   You must plan on arriving 15 minutes early to your scheduled time, as gradings will begin at the scheduled time.  Late arrivals may miss their opportunity to participate in the grading.

We will be reviewing and evaluating eligibility of all Judoka over the next month and will let you know if you are ready for the next grade.

All judoka and parents should be familiar with the requirements as outlined in the Grading Syllabus, available for download in the "Resources" section of the web site.   Parents are encouraged to help their judoka children prepare for grading by reviewing Japanese terms for techniques and working on fitness goals at home.

If parents or students have any questions, please feel free to contact any Sensei before or after class.

OJC Members Honoured at Judo Ontario Annual Awards

At the Judo Ontario Annual Award Ceremonies, Steve Horvath was recognized with an award for his "Outstanding Contribution” for all his time and dedication in helping at Judo Ontario tournaments.

 Zacharie Cheng-Boivin was recognized for being the Most Outstanding U16 Male Athlete of the year. It is a great honour to have 2 out of 16 awards being awarded to members of the Ottawa Judo Club.    Congratulations goes out to all!

OJC Success at Ajax Budokan


Congratulations goes out to all the participants who participated at the Ajax Budokan this weekend; 

  • Connor Maclennan took a Silver Medal with a 3-2 record
  • Finley Maclennan took a bronze with a 1-2 record
  • Misha Azaranka finished with a 1-2 record.  

It was a great experience had by all. 

CTV Ottawa News Featuring OJC

Thanks to Sensei Brian and Narayan Shukle for providing CTV News Ottawa with this excellent segment showing how judo breakfall training can be applied to surviving our Ottawa winters.




Ottawa Judo Club has great success at the Canadian Championships in Vancouver


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