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Welcome to the Ottawa Judo Club

The OTTAWA JUDO CLUB is located in the National Capital Region in Kanata, Ontario, Canada. The Ottawa Judo Club’s main goal is to help people reach their potential both physically and mentally. The Ottawa Judo Club prides itself on the quality of their instructors and the excellent teacher-to-student ratio. The Ottawa Judo Club is known for its family atmosphere and for helping our members support their pursuit to become stronger, more confident and to foster friendships, while developing leaders in our community.  In 2017 the Ottawa Judo has the 6th largest membership with Judo Ontario.


The sensei’s at the Ottawa Judo Club have been an amazing influence on my children. Being new to Canada, the Ottawa Judo club has helped them feel welcomed and at home.  The OJC has been instrumental in their increased self-confidence. Every sensei’s sincere concern for each one of my kids has had a great and deep effect on them.
Alaa Dukmak

My daughter joined the Ottawa Judo Club in 2001 just 1 month after my husband passed away. The Ottawa Judo Club offered a family environment and was an incredible support system for Megan throughout her pre-teens and into her adult years. Megan is still in contact with the club while in University at Western. Megan credits the confidence, work ethic and discipline for helping her get through University.

As a mother, I am grateful for all the help and support the club and Sensei Brian has given …

Cheryl Moss
Our son joined the Ottawa Judo Club 3 years ago.  We have been very impressed with the leadership and commitment of Sensei Brian and his team of instructor.  Their leadership cascades to the older club members through to the younger members.  This club is all about community and it starts with Sensei Brian and it is contagious!  It is not compulsory, but our club enjoys spending time together whether a Christmas Party, summer picnic and/or post-tournament lunches/dinners!  We are beyond gra…
Angela Leonforte

Our family joined the Ottawa Judo Club when my two boys were four and six years old. Ten years later, they are part of a highly competitive program and ranked nationally in judo. They are not only extremely fit, they have learned commitment, discipline and composure in stressful situations. They love judo and convinced me and my husband to join the adult class. We have a huge amount of respect for the Senseis (teachers) not only for their knowledge and expertise but for their moral characters an…

Dr. Jacqueline Shukle
It is difficult for us to express how happy and surprised we were with the acceptance and enthusiasm we found at the Judo club. Thank you!!
Roger Guevremont