Grading Results


The Ottawa Judo Club hosted a grading on December 16th.  The following candidates were promoted.  Congratulations!

Chingis Toktamyssov Yellow/Orange Belt
Cal Rodriguez Yellow/Orange Belt
Patrick Greer White/YellowBelt
Arianna Jorge White/Yellow Belt
Rebecca Risto White/Yellow Belt
Katherine Runoff White/Yellow Belt
Ethan Shor White/Yellow Belt

The Ottawa Judo Club had it’s largest grading in 25 years on June 18th grading 36 candidates to the next belt level. 

Congratulations to the candidates listed below.

Michel Chevrier Blue Belt
Roger Guevremont Yellow Belt
Maria Guevremont Yellow Belt
Jaqueline Shukle Green Belt
Joseph Pollard Green Belt
Philip Dewhurst Green Belt
Alexandra Awada Yellow Belt
Jonathan Muteba Yellow Belt
Caitlin Cox Orange Belt
Finola Cox Orange Belt
Alexandra Craciun Orange/Green Belt
Tylar Kapoor Orange Belt
Luca Craciun Orange Belt
Connor Maclennan Orange/Green Belt
Andrew Murray Orange/Green Belt
Colin Kieu Green Belt
Henri Messager Orange Belt
Heidi Messager Orange Belt
Ethan Nimmo Orange Belt
Louis Maclennan Orange Belt
Gaspard Nadeau Yellow/Orange Belt
Wesley Fahey Yellow/Orange Belt
Brady Rief Yellow/Orange Belt
Anthony Huffman Yellow/Orange Belt
Zoe Chevrier Yellow Belt
Lazar Savkovic Yellow Belt
Leo Nadeau Yellow Belt
Jordan Dawson-Herzog Yellow Belt
Stéphane Chevrier Yellow Belt
Dominic Dawson-Herzog Yellow/Orange Belt
Phoenix Dawson-Herzog Yellow Belt
Philip Mackenzie Yellow Belt
Mahaleah Jorge White/Yellow Belt
Maya Chevrier Yellow Belt
Michael Runoff White/Yellow Belt

Congratulations to the following OJC members who successfully completed their grading examination on November 30th, 2015:

November 30, 2015
Lazar Savkovic White/Yellow Belt
Lana Savkovic White/Yellow Belt
Stephane Chevrier White/Yellow Belt
Leo Nadeau White/Yellow Belt
Maya Chevrier White/Yellow Belt
Sabrina Risto White/Yellow Belt
Zoe Chevrier White/Yellow Belt
Deniz Yunus Erdem Yellow Belt
Gaspard Nadeau Yellow Belt