Competition Results

Children’s Newaza Tournament – December 9th, 2017

3 OJC members participated at the Children’s Newaza Tournament. Leo (1-0-4) was part of the Gold team and Aila (3-1-1) was part of the Silver team. Ethan competed well.

Ajax Budokan Annual Shiai – November 25, 2017

Amir Shukle U18 – 2nd

Alec Brillon U21 – 2nd

Alec Brillon Senior – 1st


Daniel Massie Cup – Gatineau Quebec – November 19, 2017

Over 140 competitors and OJC results as follows:

U10 Ethan Shore – bronze
U12 Dexter Bates – gold
U12 Maxime Berezofsky – silver
U12 Ameen Kubaissi – silver
U12 Ava Lane-Meadows – bronze
U14 Dominic Dawson-Herzog – silver
U14 Colin Kieu – silver
U14 Yassin Kubaissi – bronze
U14 Connor MacLennan – gold
U16 Stephane Chevrier – silver
U16 Lazar Milojevic – bronze
U16 Tylar Kapoor – gold
U14 in U16 – Andrew Murray – silver
U18 Amir Shukle – bronze
U21 Alec Brillon – gold
Masters Michel Chevrier – unfortunately there were no competitors for him.

Ontario Open – November 11, 12, 2017

Amir Shukle, Alec Brillon and Colin Kieu competed at the Ontario Open that had 700 competitions across North America and many other countries.

Omnium du Quebec – November 4, 5, 2017

Amir Shukle, Alec Brillon and Colin Kieu competed at the Omnium du Quebec that had over 1000 competitions across North America and many other countries.

Eastern Canadian Judo Championships – Edmunson- New Brunswick – October 2017

Amir Shukle represented Ontario at the Eastern Canadian Championships.

Nationals 2017 – Calgary Alberta – May 2017

Amir Shukle and Alec Brillon qualified for the Ontario Team and represented Ontario at the Canadian Nationals.


Edmonton International March 2017 – Edmonton Alberta

Amir Shukle 5th

Ontario Youth International (Ontario Team Qualifier) – February 6, 2016

3 OJC members participated at the Final Mandatory Provinical Qualifer (Youth International) this past weekend to compete for a spot on the Ontario Team at the National Championships in Calgary. Amir won Silver, Moiz and Elijah competed well, congratulations goes out to them. The Ontario Team selections will be announced in April.Coupe Damblant – December 5th, 6th,  2015

Coupe Damblant – December 5,6, 2015

The Ottawa Judo Club brought home 5 medals from Tournoir Mudansha and Coupe Damblant on the December 5th, 6th weekend. Congratulations goes out to all who participated.

Henry (Gold)
Tylar (Gold)
Pierre (Gold)
Heidi (Silver)
Colin (Bronze)
Andrew (4th Place)

Ontario Open – November 7, 8, 2015

Amir had a great performance bringing home Silver at the Ontario this past weekend.

The Ontario Open was the end of a back to back Circuit starting with the Quebec Open. Finley, Daniel, Pierre and Amir all competed in both of these tournaments as qualifiers to earn the right to compete at the Nationals in May.

Congratulations to all who competed.

Tournois Espoir (Deux-Montagnes, Quebec) – October 5, 6, 2015

On October 5th and 6th, 11 Members of the Ottawa Judo Club took part in the first tournament of the season in Deux Montagnes, Quebec. The OJC came back with 2 Gold, 5 Silver and one Bronze.


Pierre Kieu 1st

Tylar Kapoor 1st

Heidi Messager 2nd

Henri Messager 2nd

Finley Maclennan 2nd

Connor Maclennan 2nd

Colin Kieu 2nd

Louis Maclennan 3rd

Daniel Alievsky 5th

Amir Shukle 5th

Andrew Murray 2-2

(See photo album for more photos)

Eastern Ontario Championships – May 2, 2015

On May 2nd, 55 competitors from across Eastern Ontario & the Outaouais gathered in Munster to display their Judo skills. Out of 7 OJC members competing the OJC brought home 7 medals. Colin, Connor and Finola took Gold, Anthony and Nate Silver and Henry and Tyler Bronze. Brady, Ethan, Caitlin, Louis and Laura all came out to compete but did not have anyone to compete with in their respective divisions.

Colin Kieu – Gold

Connor Maclennan – Gold

Finola Cox – Gold

Tyler – Bronze

Anthony – Silver

Nage – Silver

Henry – Bronze

Caitlin, Louis, Ethan, Brady and Laura also came to compete and had no competitors in their perspective divisions.


Tora Invitational – April 25, 2015

Connor Maclennan – Gold

Amir Shukle – Gold

Colin Kieu – Silver

Daniel Alievsky – Silver

Pierre Kieu – Bronze

Louis Maclennan, Anthony Leonforte and Tylar Kapoor had great matches and gained a lot of experience over the weekend.


Finley takes silver at the Eastern Canadian Championships

Eastern Canadian Judo Championships 2015

Edmunston Newbrunswick

Finley Maclennan – Silver


Peel Invitational Judo Championships 2015

Colin Kieu (Gold)

Finley Maclennan (Gold)

Piere Kieu (Gold)

Louis Maclennan (Gold)

Anthony Leonforte ( Bronze)

Connor Maclennan (Bronze)