The following links are considered useful resources:

Judo Ontario Transparent logo 2Judo Ontario (Link) 

Judo Ontario, officially known as the “Ontario Black Belt Association”, is t governing body for Judo in Ontario. All OJC members must also be members of Judo Ontario.



Judo Canada (Link)

Judo Canada is the governing body for Judo in Canada. Here you can find news and information about Canada’s National Judo Team.


Judo Quebec Logo

Judo Quebec (Link)

Judo Quebec is the governing body for Judo in the province of Quebec. Judo Quebec hosts one of the Judo Canada Circuit tournaments every November.


kodokan logo

Kodokan Judo Institute (Link)

The Kodokan was the original Judo dojo founded by Jigoro Kano, located in Tokyo Japan.


judoinfo logoJudo Info (Link)

Judo Info is a very useful site containing articles and instructional information about judo techniques and training.



usjf logo

USJF Judo Federation (Link)

The USJF is an extremely influential organization responsible for the development of Judo in the United States.



cs4l logo

Canadian Sport for Life (Link)

Canadian Sport for Life is a movement designed to increase sport’s contribution to Canadian society, recognizing sport as an important part of everybody’s life by promoting healthy and logical development.


Bullying (Link)

What parents can do to help prevent their children from being bullied.

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