Grading Syllabus

Naryan AwardThe Ottawa Judo Club uses a modified form of the Judo Canada grading syllabus. The Judo Canada standards themselves are a modification of the traditional Kodokan Judo grading criteria, modified based on principles in the Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) model.

The grading syllabus describes the pre-requisites, a list of techniques to be demonstrated for each belt level. It is highly recommended that all OJC judoka download and study the syllabus prior to their grading tests.


The complete printable syllabus can be downloaded here:

Ottawa Judo Club Syllabus 2015


The following resources are links to documents that will assist you in preparing for your grading:

Judo Flashcards White-Yellow Belt

Judo Flashcards Yellow Belt

Judo Flashcards Yellow-Orange Belt