Why the Ottawa Judo Club

The Ottawa Judo Clubs main philosophy is to help people reach their potential both physically and mentally. The Ottawa Judo Club prides itself on the quality of their instructors and the excellent teacher-to-student ratio. With our strong volunteer base and parent participation we have become one of the most competitive clubs in the region.

Our dedicated team of sensei (Instructors/Coaches) have many years of experience and are qualified and motivated to help all judoka reach their full potential.

The Ottawa Judo Club is a community based program with a family atmosphere based on volunteers.  We allow parents to watch all classes and encourage participation at events and tournaments.  The Ottawa Judo Club puts emphasis on fostering friendship, team work, respecting others and mutual welfare and benefit to all.


The Ottawa Judo Club classes can produce great results for your child

Many parents from the Ottawa Judo Club will attest to the fact that Judo has helped their child.

The interesting thing is that each family will benefit in very different ways. Whether your child has excess energy, is shy and even withdrawn or has even been diagnosed with attention deficit disorder, Judo is a great way to increase focus and confidence.

The amazing part is kids love Judo classes at the Ottawa Judo Club!

The Ottawa Judo Club offers classes that are fun, exciting and make learning a great activity, rather than a chore.

And why do parents love it? Because children get great benefits that they will carry with them through life, and they don’t even realize it! Still not convinced? Here are a few more reasons why the Ottawa Judo Club program is a great choice for you child.

Keep you Child Active

Kids are not getting the exercise they need which is causing obesity and diabetes in children at younger ages. Several factors have contributed to this trend including less physical education requirements in schools, the growing popularity of computer and video games and limitations of some competitive sports to allow for equal play time (and therefore equal exercise time) for every child on the team.

In addition to battling all the other factors, parents also have to compete with the pervasive presence of junk and fast food. Judo is a great first step in changing your child’s (and even your family’s outlook on life. The physical and health benefits are only part of it. The mental discipline and confidence gained will allow you and your child to continue to make positive decisions in you lives.

Better Grades

Children with strong mental discipline are least likely to submit to peer pressure and most likely to do well in school. In fact, many parents and teaches report a dramatic improvement in school grades after a child joins Judo. This will help set your child on the right path of successful and fulfilling life. Can you think of a better reason to enroll your child in Judo?

Positive Role Models

Who is influencing your child?

Role models play an important role in child’s development – too important to be left to chance. Judo instructors exemplify the inherent values of Judo such as integrity, respect, and confidence.

Instructors can provide positive role models for your child, teaching them how to resist negative influences and tap into their full potential.

Confident Kids Do Not Get Bullied

For some kids, the school yard, is a place that signifies fear, not fun. Developing anyone’s confidence (let alone that of a child) is a very delicate matter. Most people link their confidence to a recent event. This is why it is sometimes difficult to maintain a consistently high level of confidence, especially for kids that are getting picked on.

Through a structured reward system and consistent positive feedback, the well-rounded Judo program offered at the Ottawa Judo Club is a great way to raise a child’s confidence and reinforce it on a regular basis.

What will define your child is how they deal with the situation they encounter. Give them the confidence to handle themselves with integrity.

If you still aren’t sure Judo is the right choice for your child, visit us and watch a class. The Ottawa Judo club understand the needs of families in today’s environment and can do wonders for you and your family.


Our family joined the Ottawa Judo Club when my two boys were four and six years old. Ten years later, they are part of a highly competitive program and ranked nationally in judo. They are not only extremely fit, they have learned commitment, discipline and composure in stressful situations. They love judo and convinced me and my husband to join the adult class. We have a huge amount of respect for the Senseis (teachers) not only for their knowledge and expertise but for their moral characters and the role models that they have provided for our children. — Dr. Jacqueline Shukle

My daughter joined the Ottawa Judo Club in 2001 just 1 month after my husband passed away. The Ottawa Judo Club offered a family environment and was an incredible support system for Megan throughout her pre-teens and into her adult years. Megan is still in contact with the club while in University at Western. Megan credits the confidence, work ethic and discipline for helping her get through University.

As a mother, I am grateful for all the help and support the club and Sensei Brian has given Megan through out the years. — Cheryl Moss

Our oldest child has been doing judo for the past 4 years and our youngest child started about a year ago. We chose the Ottawa Judo Club because a friend recommended the Club to us. We have kept our children at the Club because of the professional, dedicated and knowledgeable instructors (Senseis). As well, our children enjoy the classes and are always keen to learn more about this sport. Judo has become an integral part of our family life.      — Carl and Anne Wimmi

I was recently promoted to Shodan this April after about eight and a half years of judo training under Sensei Brian (roughly half my life). During these important months for me, I have received nothing but positivity and support. The senior classes have been very accommodating; giving advice, valuable mat space (which I know is no little sacrifice) and the use of a few bodies for not the most delicate judo at times. This experience will be one I remember forever and one of the greatest in my life, I love this sport and hope to pass my passion along. — Mike Spence

Our son is enjoying himself and is starting to talk about his fellow Judoka and the holds he’s learned at home. I am so glad that he is excited about Judo and feel that it is your Ottawa Judo Club – with the same warmth and welcoming nature that I felt there almost twenty years ago. — Christopher Daigle